Universal squeegee


The universal squeegee - simply push dirt, liquids and co. away!

When dirt and liquids need to be removed during operations, the universal squeegee replaces conventional brooms and rubber sliders and delivers the desired result with its versatility.

The removal of water, foam, oil binding agents and other contaminants such as metal, glass, chips, etc., is enormously facilitated by the alternately applicable sliding strips on any surface. Even on irregular surfaces, excellent results are achieved since the flexible sliding strips adapt to the floor and do not tilt. In addition, the universal squeegee with its break-proof GRP rod offers considerable advantages over conventional products made of wood or aluminium.

The universal squeegee is the perfect complement to our MACH I and MACH II industrial vacuum cleaners for sludge.

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Technical data Universal squeegee
Plastic, GRP, aluminium and nylon
50 cm wide thrust surface

Techncal data universal squeegee

  • Material: Plastic, GRP, aluminium and nylon
  • Dimensions: 50 cm wide thrust surface
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  1. Quick-release fastener for adaptation of the rod length
  2. Plastic thrust surface
  3. Nylon broom

What you can count on with the universal squeegee!

  • For the removal of a wide variety of soiling in solid and liquid form.
  • High chemical resistance of the thrust elements
  • Due to the protective shield shape of the thrust surface, liquids are directed in the pushing direction
  • Quick and easy two-way use due to two different thrust surfaces: blue plastic lip and white nylon broom
  • The length of the telescopic rod is easily and quickly adaptable by means of the quick-release fastener